The FUSE Makerspace

About The FUSE Makerspace

The FUSE Makerspace is a 13,400 square foot community center with tools that allow members to design, prototype, and create micro manufactured products.  The Makerspace provides members with both digital and analog industrial fabrication tools: woodworking, metal fabrication, welding, rapid prototyping, 3-D printing, screen printing, jewelry making, software, vinyl printing and cutting. Each fabrication area and machine has basic operation and safety courses to provide individuals with best practices and develop skill sets to take their idea from paper to physical object.  FUSE is also home to Build with Robots and ABQID, a community funded accelerator program.

In partnership with Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), the Fuse Makerspace provides its members access to affordable, high-quality classes as well as mentoring from other makers and community members.

Chris Ziomek

Build with Robots Co-Founder


FUSE Makerspace Building



MAR 22, 2017





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