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Build With Robots, an Albuquerque-based company, and CNM Ingenuity, Inc., the enterprise arm of Central New Mexico Community College, are teaming up to introduce the fast-growing technology of Collaborative Robots (cobots) to central New Mexico’s economy.  Entrepreneurs and inventors interested in learning about cobot technology and applications will have access to cobots at CNM Ingenuity’s FUSE Makerspace at the Innovate ABQ campus.
Build With Robots is a regional distributor covering New Mexico and El Paso for Universal Robots, the market leader in collaborative robots. In contrast to conventional industrial robots, cobots are safer to work alongside humans to perform dangerous or repetitive tasks, from manufacturing tasks to painting to screw driving; they can be re-purposed for new tasks easily without the need for complex coding; and they’re relatively inexpensive at $26,450 for a base model.

Randy has over 25 years of experience successfully designing, implementing and managing Information Technology solutions for dozens of government and commercial users. Randy’s vision and leadership skills have been developed and tested in a variety of commercial, government, and non-profit settings including executive roles at Compaq and Digital Equipment Corporation. 

Randy Krall



FUSE Makerspace Building


MAR 22, 2017





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